The Dancing Egg Music Library is divided into separate genres. You can access these genres by clicking the blue links below. All tracks are customizable upon request.

Ambient: Mood oriented tracks that unfold slowly and range from dark to peaceful

Dark: Features tracks that are dark or minor in nature with a sense of  foreboding or       suspense.

Dramatic: Tracks that convey a sense of importance, urgency, and intensity.

Hopeful: Hopeful, Moody and Reflective contain evocative, emotive pieces ranging from solo piano or guitar, to larger ensemble   pieces including  instruments such as cello, violin, and ensemble strings.



Holiday: Not your typical seasonal tracks, on a variety of instruments.

Solo Instruments:  Solo acoustic guitar or piano tracks, conveying a variety of moods, are the main focus here, although other instruments are included.

Traditional: These tracks range from heartwarming Americana to electric and acoustic Blues to Folk.

Upbeat: contains pieces that are positive and upbeat or possibly a little off the beaten path, using a variety of instrumentation.

World: This category features pieces that have elements of World music but do not generally come from a particular area of the world.

Music Library

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